June 20, 2024

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One challenge coming out of COVID-19: food supply chains. Roughly half of US farms reportedly send their food to restaurants, schools, and places like theme parks, cruises, and stadiums. But with shutdowns across the US, they’re having to rearrange their supply chains to get food to places like grocery stores and food banks.

That kind of adjustment can reportedly take a year or so to coordinate, but farmers only have about a week before the food goes bad. If they’re unable to move and sell the produce quickly, their farms could shut down. And until then, many have reportedly resorted to dumping millions of gallons of milk and tens of millions of pounds of produce.

The issue is just the latest logistical challenge as businesses are disrupted amid the pandemic. And it comes as Smithfield Foods – the world’s biggest pork processor – has had to shut down one of its US plants because of a wave of coronavirus cases there.

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